May 26, 2010

My latest workout: Core Fusion

My latest workout involves 2-3 sessions per week of Core Fusion.  I have been running, doing pilates, and yoga for a long time but when I heard about Core Fusion I had to try it and now I am addicted.  Core Fusion is a fusion of yoga, pilates, core conditioning, and interval carido training. This workout  is so challenging and amazing. The best part of going to Core at Exhale is hitting the eucalyptus steam and rainfall shower afterwards.

Core Fusion is offered by Exhale MindBody Spa in several cities across the US. Try it out if it's offered in your city or check out the DVD's available on their website.

What is your latest workout routine?

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20 York Street said...

I have been really bad lately, not only that I haven't been to the gym for several weeks now... I haven't even been teaching either!


So so bad. Travelling for work is not good for the figure!



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