January 12, 2011

Denim Trend 2011: Flare and Wide Leg Jeans

Flared jeans and trousers are going to be a Spring 2011 trend  and I must say I  absolutely adore these flare and wide leg looks from the New York Fashion Week Runway.

 (click here, here, and here to see how I wear mine)
(image credit)
(image credit)

 I also love these looks from the Gap 2011 Spring/Summer Advertising Campaign.

And here are some great options if you're looking to widen your denim collection in 2011.

Wide Leg Trouser Jeans  (high rise and flared)
Wide Leg Trouser Jeans
7 for All Mankind Georgia Jeans

High Rise Wide Leg Jeans
Citizens of Humanity Hutton Jeans
Boot Cut Jeans
J.Crew boot cut jean in dance off wash

 A little bit of flare
AG Farah

A lot of flare
7 for All Mankind Bell Bottoms
I am a fan of wide leg jeans and look forward to wearing them more often. Will you be embracing the flared and wide leg trend this year?

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Anonymous said...

I love the wide leg trend!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! You said it! And you look very chic in the flared jeans yourself!


Style Attic said...

YES! I just can't pull off the skinny jean/jegging/tights ain't right on me look!! Yippee!! You are the bearer of great news today my dear :D

minnja said...

wow, I just love it :)


Diana Mieczan said...

The Gap pieces are really cool:) Happy day, sweetie

ps: I am hosting a sweet necklace GIVEAWAY today :) ... Please, join in!

Geeta said...

Absolutely, I will.

I like the wide leg look on you, especially how you created the 'long legs' look.

Taylor said...

I am going to try it...i've already started the search....I am heading to Gap and Urban Outfitters to try some on - I hope they look good!

Alleen said...

Love the wide leg...very excited it's back this spring/summer!! Thanks for the heads up! xo

Martini said...

I have to say that I loooove wide leg jeans and pants. I don't own too many pairs of pants and most of the ones I own are wide leg. I'm so glad they are back. I love the ones from the gap but I can't wait to see how Club Monaco has interpreted them.

photohogger said...

Yesssssss..I love! I just got a pair of boot cuts..and love them...not exactly flare, but still. I also got 2 pairs of skinny jeans...oh well! :)

coolkids said...

I am super excited for wide leg!!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love boot-cut but not sure about flare since I stand at 5ft and they may make me look shorter. I love the Citizens of humanity jeans!

Styles 'n Cream said...

I love the third look from the runways. Amazing!!! And, yes, I will be rocking that trend. Here is to flares and wide legs! My skinnies need a little rest ...

Valerie said...

I agree, I love this look! Especially with a simple white button down blouse. So 70s chic.


Krystal said...

Oooo red, could you do it?

Chas said...

I love wide leg jeans, I have a couple pairs that I like to alternate with my skinnies! I love wearing them with chunky wedges to make my legs appear longer!

Josie said...

I looove the Citizen ones! So chic and I'd love them with super tall heels.
xo Josie

Lee Oliveira said...

I think I will enjoy again seeing wide denim legs around
Hopefully I will be able to photograph on the streets
Lee x

20 York Street said...

I love flare more than skinnies so I'm glad it's back!

Stay Happy and Positive!




Torrie said...

Yes, I will be embracing this trend:).

Marissa said...

I just bought a pair of Philim Lim's on sale at Yoox. I need to get them hemmed so I can wear them as soon as the snow melts!

Stephanie said...

curious to know what you think of the high(er) waisted trend...

Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

DEFINITELY! I love flared jeans... they are just so much chic-er than skinnies, don't you think? Although I like skinnies too... actually, I think it just depends on my mood and right now suffice it to say that I feel like flares! :)

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