June 17, 2010

Currently Obsessed with Baskets

I am sort of obsessed with baskets and organization right now.  My good friend Phoebe helped me organize the cabinet located in our guest bathroom using baskets from Pottery Barn.  (top 3 pictures)We use this closet to keep towels and sheets since I don't really have a proper linen closet.
I managed to organize the second storage cabinet on my own. (which I know comes as a surprise to many of you who know me.) These baskets are from Target.

Next up is organizing  Ariyana's toys, books, and arts/crafts. I still have not come up with a solution yet. Stay tuned for more details on this project.

Are you inspired to organize your closets?

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Tea Joeli said...

Thanks for the comment;)

Very cute blog:)

I see your into design just like me( you can find design related post in my older posts)

Hope you're following


Archna said...

Check out Pottery Barn's children/teen catalog for baskets on wheels. Used them for separating Akshay's toys. They are cute looking and best of all on wheels, so they can be wheeled from one room to another by Ariyana! For books, I find that a multi-colored crate bookshelf works. You can separate the books ex. red for nighttime reading, blue for Eric Carle books, yellow for sound books, etc. This way Ariyana learns the art of keeping her books organized at a young age! Good Luck...

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