June 16, 2010

Style and Design-Seema Krish

I heard about the Seema Krish collection through my good friend and Interior Designer Phoebe Lovejoy (Lovejoy Designs).  Phoebe and I were trying to find some new fun and colorful pillows for the living room. As soon as I saw these pillows I loved them and I ended up buying three of them.  Seema was kind enough to invite me to visit her studio and meet her so I am looking forward to catching up with her and seeing more of her new designs. 

        Marni, from style carrot has graciously allowed me to use her pictures 
        featured here.

{Inspiration Board}

{Seema's studio}

{Bombay Bliss pillows}

{New Designs}

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Rachna said...

I like the pillows - they look good in the living room!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

P.S: No I haven't read the Help yet... any good?


vicky h. said...

looove love love the hint of color on the dark leather couch!!

thanks for stopping by Bikinis & Passports !! means so much!!

xox Vicky

kiran said...

love the pillows....looking good....

kiran said...

love the pillows...looking good....

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