June 29, 2010

Top 5 Shoes for the Summer

1. Ballet Flats. I like to have at least one pair of black ballet flats and a few other fun and colorful ones in my closet.  Flats are great because they are casual enough for the day to run errands around the city, yet dressy enough to wear out in the evening.

2. Platform Heels.  These are great for dinner, a party, or even a wedding. They are the perfect shoe to make a statement. (let me just add that I did get them on sale!)  And since this shoe is metallic it works with many outfits. If I buy another pair of platforms for the summer I would definitely go for a pair with some color.

3. Flat Thong Sandals (gold or silver). As you can see here  my Tory Burch thongs are worn out and yes it might be time for a new pair.  But, I love these shoes and I wear these all summer long because they go with almost everything in my closet.  When I go on vacation this this is the only flat shoe I pack. I wear them during the day, out at night, and even to the pool and beach.

4. Nude Pumps. These Stuart Weitzman nude pumps go with everything from skinny jeans to a basic black summer dress.  They are also perfect for work. The peep toe version of this pump is classy and a great option for the spring and summer.  But, I decided to go with the closed toe so I can wear them year round in Boston.

5. Wedge Sandals.  They have made a comeback and I am so glad because I have three pairs sitting in the back of my closet collecting dust.  Wedges are great because they add height and they are  much easier to walk in than stilettos. They look great with flowy skirts and summer dresses.

And do you remember a long time ago when jellies were the top shoes for the summer? Well they too have made a comeback and I cannot believe my daughter is adoring them now.

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Elle Sees said...

Yes, but I must add flip flops (Havianas). They are so comfy!

Tanvi said...

I am in for all of them except the wedges ... I am just waiting for the trend to pass by [yet again!] .. It came when I was in college first year ... and now it's back again! Darn :P

Amy said...

thank you for your comment on my blog! i'm so glad you found me because now i have found you..and i love your blog and style! i love the shoes above..and i love that wedges are back in because they are so comfy!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love love love those flats...I am such a flats girl...I have so many of them:) Kisses sweetie

Josie said...

These really are the necessary summer shoes! I have several pairs of each -- it's a sickness!
xo Josie

mary said...

the nude pumps are great

Valerie said...

Naina, I agree with every single item on your list. I'm still searching for the perfect pair of nude pumps though. I love yours! And the picture of your daughter's jellies is just too cute. I think I just bought my niece the same pair from Gap a few weeks ago! Then I got nostalgic and bought a pair for myself too (a little different style, but also from the Gap).


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